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11 Sep 2011

community/xcursor-bluecurve 0.1.1-3 Redhat’s Bluecurve X mouse cursor theme community/xcursor-chameleon-anthracite 0.5-3 Chameleon X Cursor Theme (anthracite flavour) community/xcursor-jimmac 2.0-5 Jimmac (Jimmac0) cursor theme community/xcursor-neutral 1.13a-5 A smoothed and shadowed X cursors theme community/xcursor-simpleandsoft 0.2-4 A simple and soft X cursor theme community/xcursor-vanilla-dmz 0.4-5 Vanilla DMZ cursor theme community/xcursor-vanilla-dmz-aa 0.4-5 Vanilla DMZ AA cursor theme

Carpe diem,
JZR at 09:29

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